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The resupply kit has a vast array of ammo within it. This means that when needed, the wearer can pull out nearly any type of ammo clip needed for use. This also allows the wearer to switch to any empty weapon they have, to replenish its ammo


Gives you one clip of the gun you are using now.




Resupply is a free ability that is given to you at the beginning of Human Campaign Level 1:Breaking In. It gives you a free clip of ammo for a weapon once activated. Using it at the right time when you need another shot may prove to be the factor between success and failure. However, this ability's drawback is the time needed for reloading a clip. This makes it outclassed by other good ones, like the Land Mine, Static Field and the Katana. It is great for weapons which have huge clips, like the Laser Minigun and performs worst on the Holy Grail, as the Resupply ability only charges the Holy Grail 1 clip, which is 1 shot - but only if you do not own Extra Clips, as Resupply is basically a 20 second recharging powerup spawn, which Extra Clips can boost a 0 power starter to a full out 9.