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Two projectiles of the Shredder. One is in the air and another one is burrowing through the ground.



Fires flaming saw blades which burrow through the ground until reaching their target. Burrowing doubles the damage.




64% Damage, 96% Damage if burrow/x2 dmg








12 Shots x 2 Clips






The Shredder is a bulky gun with yellow energy highlights. It shoots flaming saw blades which can burrow through the ground to reach a target. While digging through the ground, the movement speed of the blade will slow down considerably, but once out of the ground it will return to normal speed. After burrowing into the ground once, damage is doubled which almost always ensures a kill. Because of the slowness of the blade while underground, you have to fire strategically in order to kill someone.Mode 5.png

Best Ways To Use This[]

A good way to use this weapon is to select a map in quickmatch like judgement. Then, go to a spawning point in which a shredder is located. Finally, go onto the top of the 2 buildings. Use the shredder and run around the top(don`t fall!) and fire randomly. Because it is affected by gravity, it will burrow down and with a chance, hit an enemy. With better luck, you might get the kill bonus "surprise." Just make sure that there`s no enemy on the same level. Also, get an automatic weapon handy if you think you`re being followed


  • This is the only weapon that can get you the "Surprise!" Kill Bonus
  • The dirt around a burrowing shredder is always brown, whether digging through dirt, concrete, or ice
  • It is far by the best weapon to get the secret, "I hate nature!", although you can do it with other weapons.
  • Great in Judgement and Dome, big maps.
  • This weapon deals 64% damage. If used until its ammo is empty, it can deal 2304% damage
  • The ammo is the slowest for its arcing.
  • Some people thought it's a fire weapon, but it's not.
  • For some reason, the burrowing effect is faux.
  • With target marker, is possible to insta-kill unshielded enemies if you got a crit-shot

    The shredder has a medium sized clip, able to support its damage and firing rate.


  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal
  • Combat Armor
  • Adrenaline Boost

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Funnily enough, the dirt around the Shredder while it burrows is always brown