The skin used by the Raze Soldier, also the default skin.

Skins are armors/avatars used in the game, used to represent a character. Whether it is a player, or an AI character, every character has an skin.

Skins are used mainly for decor. It does not provide any abilities. However, some skins are not avalible in the skin selection and can only be used in campaign.

Selecting Skins Edit

Selecting skins is very easy; all you have to do is go to your profile, click on your current skin, and then to the right will be a small bar that will allow you to buy, or if you already own it, equip your skin.

Campaign Edit

In Campaign mode, you can only use the default used by the character, so you can cannot select it; however, you will usually keep your equipment and abilities, with the exception of certain levels, Where you can get a different skin. This is most likely to prevent you from looking like an alien in a human mission and vice versa.

Quick Match Edit

In Quick Match, you use the skin that you have chosen/bought for yourself. To use it, simply equip it. When you play, it will be your character; not Cpt.Biggs, Not Raze Soldier, but you. It will have your equipment, skins , etc.

Special Skins Edit

There are some special skins that you cannot buy in the armory. They are only avaliable through playing certain levels in the campaigns. One case is the mutated Raze soldier. You cannot buy a raze soldier zombie in the Armory.

Changes from Raze 1 to Raze 2 Edit

In Raze 1, all skins were free. You could customize them through a Mix-and-Match way that allowed you to change the players head, body, arms, legs (and an effect that was only for robots). There were only a few skins though.

In Raze 2, you have to pay for skins, but there were more. However, the Mix-and-Match choice was gone, much to the dismay of several players. It could probably add too much lag to the Raze 2 engine. A rare glitch in the system allowed skins from Raze 1 to appear.

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