"Splish Splash" is a kill bonus that you get when you kill someone with the splash damage of a weapon that is not in the explosives category. They are:

You can also use the "Grenade" ability to get this achievement. Oddly it is not classified as an explosive weapon.

How to get itEdit

  • Look for a stationary enemy, then watch it, and shoot right next to the enemy
  • Aim right next to a moving target that is chasing you
  • Move in, and shoot at the ground. Expect to take damage, but you'll soon get the kill bonus.


  • For the Pulsator, find an enemy, run into it
  • shoot the ground after you ran into it
  • make sure you have shield, or it's commiting suicide
Splish Splash

Aim just out of the Zombie, and it will receive splash damage.

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