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The Static Field deflects fire and sends it back at the enemy, potentially causing damage to the enemy from his own bullets. It produces a sound when activated, which elumates sound like a force field. This ability's drawback is that the user will be immobile for a set duration of time while the static field is active. Depending on how you use it, this ability can be either offensive or defensive. It can be used in times of dangers or until reinforcements arrive. Homing weapons are especially weak when against this ability because of the tendency to home back in on the user. This ability is the key to the 'Reflection' and 'Thanks' Kill Bonuses.


  • There's a glitch with the static field that allows you to move around, reload and shoot while still deflecting all incoming projectiles like the static field for the same period of time the static field is activated. The trick is that once you activate the static field, you press pause, then you click resume. Once the countdown is over and you've resumed, your static field will still be activated but you can reload, shoot and run around. If you kill someone during this period, you get the "reflection!" kill bonus.
  • For some reason, doing Static Field delays your Rapid Fire, Invincibility, and/or Double Damage. The reason is because you're not running around using it, so it would be unfair to take it away because you were using an ability
  • When you deploy your static field, you get immediately shielded before the field engulfs that part of the body.
  • A glitch with the static field causes all explosives to double their damage without their double damage power up, but it is in fact the weapon projectiles somehow split into and explode at the same time, and can get past adrenaline boost.
  • If you have Medipack , the medipack will still be active when below 40% health.
  • Is a great ability for people "training" to use the Katana .
  • Extremely lethal against a homing weapon.
  • Try to shoot down an enemy with an 'instant kill' gun like Explosives or Holy Grail the moment he loses his shield (0.3 seconds after his hand leaves the ground). He won't have time to ready his gun.
  • This ability is similar to Armor Lock in Halo.
  • If you double jump while touching the ground, the static field can be placed wrongly.

    The shield isn't touching the ground.

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