Everyone uses strategies and tactics. Here are some tactics. If you find any tactics that work, post it here!

Ion bombersEdit

This only works on Frostbite- sorry. Anyway, equip yourself with an ion cannon, set a 100 point target as a team deathmatch, each team 6 people and both on insane. Collect an ion cannon and climb to the top of one of the jump pads, and start blasting! Keep jumping between the 2 pads. You'll earn lots of credits for "Speed shot!" and/or "Direct hit!" Even the people on Insane can't hit you because you're travelling so fast above them. Make sure to blast the opponenets at the landing zones, or jump pads as well!

Who's shooting?Edit

This one, everyone should know about. With a homing weapon, shoot around corners where non-homing weapons can reach at your enemies to give them a good surprise!

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The Four TeleportsEdit

Kill someone.


Murder someone.


Shoot someone.


Microwave someone.

Win Deathmatch.

PROBLEM TECHNOLOGY? [No, but seriously if you have teleport this OWNS at lv15 Alien Campaign. Best at finding the Raze soldier. Be like your fellow commanders]

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