Welcome and thank you for joining Raze Two Wiki, part of the Raze Wikis family of wikis. This guide is a template guide for those who don't know how to use the templates that are commonplace in Raze Wikis. Let's get started!

Templates-What is it?Edit

A template are lines of code made by someone, and then compiled such that it is able to be used on any page. Templates help us add lines of code to a page automatically just by typing in the name of the template, so we save time and effort.

Anyway, Raze Wikis has set up its own set of templates, all of which are useful.

Templates-How to use itEdit

If you know what a template's name is, you can use it in an article. Simply cover the name in double curly brackets like this:

{{Template Name}}

Some templates have customizable attributes. For those templates, simply type in

{{Template Name|Customizable Attribute value 1|Customizable Attribute value 2|Customizable Attribute value 3|Blah Blah ETC}}

List of Commonly Used TemplatesEdit

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