Use an enemy's projectile on their friend


Deploying static field, and Md. Sage shot Ex. Treem with the M9 Barret

Ways to get itEdit

  1. Set settings as follows: quickmatch, Frostbite, Capture the flag, max people with Insane mode
  2. Equip the static field
  3. Once in game, drop down to the very edge of the screen, and turn on the static field
  4. Hopefully someone with a rocket launcher will blast everyone else to smithereens!

Another way to get itEdit

Run into a land mine with a katana, swipe it just as it is about to hit you, so the land mines get "reflected". An enemy will probably come along and step on the land mine, hopefull he/she will die on it!!!


How Thanks! can be triggered.

Additional InfoEdit

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