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The Raze 2'er


Welcome to the gates of a space.


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Raze 2 Tips

Press A Button On Your Raze 2'er Remote!

Press a button on your Raze 2'er Remote.

The Raze 2'er Remote

The Raze 2'er Remote

Character Set


Ripper - The only good choice there is.


Magnum - Nothing like a huge power course.

Close Range

Shotgun - Just to own everyone with 4 shots.


Hail Storm - Huge, ammo-worthy, and power-house.

Long Range

Holy Grail - A spicy killer for anyone.


Shredder - So you can shoot at the floor and still hit.


Rocket Launcher - Because there is nothing like a huge power burst.

Equipment, Name, Skin and Ability


Teleport - To find the crazy razey, what a crazy lazy Razey.


20: Commander Alien - Because he's a bad*static*.

Equipment: Defensive

Combat Armor - To live 1½ of a life.

Equipment: Utility

Pickup Booster - Because everyone wants more shield than given.

Equipment: Offensive

Extra Clips - Because nobody wants a full reloading inventory.


Commander - To be epic.

Overall Completion of "One Life Left"

Overall Completion [/30]


Overall Completion [%]


- Complete
The Raze 2'er

Favorite Raze 1 Weapon

"Rocket Launcher"

Favorite Raze 1 Map


Favorite Raze 1 Level

"Preempotive Attack"

Favorite Raze 2 Weapon

"Holy Grail"

Favorite Raze 2 Map

"Mines (Day)"

Favorite Raze 2 Level

"Taking out the Trash"

Raze 1 Completion


Raze 2 Completion


Overall Raze Completion


Ingame Name



I just 100% game. UMAD?

Hello! I am teh epik raze 2 'er!

Current Challenge: "One Life Left"

I am going to play Raze 2 with only 1 life. Now, because this is a long list, you can...

1 Life Left
01H: Breaking In
02H: Survivor Lookout
03H: Sweep and Clear X
04H: Cause and Effect
05H: Retrieval
06H: New Recruits
07H: Hold the fort X
08H: My First Mission
09H: Shocking Discovery X
10H: Strange Encounter
11H: Trapped
12H: Disposal X
13H: Reclaimed X
14H: Mutation
15H: Final Deployment
01A: Misscommunication
02A: Search Party
03A: Invasion
04A: Epidemic
05A: Discipline X
06A: Breaking Point X
07A: A Strong Defense X
08A: Underestimated
09A: The Ambush X
10A: Tormented X
11A: Artifact Retrieval 101
12A: Taking out the Trash X
13A: The Pickup X
14A: Rocket Race
15A: A Soldiers Demise
Bantrinas Gupi

Custom Signature?

Atmpt A: ~~~~

Atmpt B:
The Raze 2'er

Atmpt C:
The Raze 2'er
Atmpt D:
The Raze 2'er


Atmpt E:
FaceComAlien The Raze 2'er
My message starts or ends here.
I am talking to you past this line.

Choose Your Weapon

Choose Your Weapon 1

Choose your weapon.


Whether it be the grail or the gun

The great three are the ones and they're left undone

Take it the rocket or take it the grail

Also just realize you won't get the hail

Also you see there's a magnum in sight

However the grail is the bright one in light

Notice the rocket how far that it goes

The shotgun's convienient but missing causes woes

Notice explosions or notice the shot

Just take a weapon be it cold or hot

Choose a weapon.

The poll was created at 00:10 on November 25, 2011, and so far 3 people voted.


Playing Raze 2?


Breath Starving Percentage


Boredom Percentage


At School?


Feeling Like I Should Sleep?






Stress Level




Being Annoyed



Contact Me

Send an email to You know what to do. ~The Raze 2'er

If you are too young to have an email, go and talk on my Talk Page, which is at (talk2raze2er)


The secret depths of the controller lie within...


[File:J_Rockit_Top.png]] Jay Rockit Left "That's it? Well, you already know me. Expert on close quarters combat."

  • [say - line 1 to 8]
  • Line 01. I got the ripper and I'll rip you out
  • Line 02. I don't have the barret, it's not on my route
  • Line 03. Oh you say you have assault rifle?
  • Line 04. I'll hail storm bounce you, with such a good sigh hole.
  • Line 05. Payed five hundred credits for such a lousy thing?
  • Line 06: I'll be leaving, (no launcher) out of your wing.
  • Line 07: But remember, don't be surprised to see a flaming back side
  • Line 08: Because you know what I say, it's the way I do in my huge wide
  • [sing to Rose At Nightfall]
  • Chor U5: Also I will mention that you just can't hit me
  • Chor U5: I will dodge it
  • Chor U5: Nothing else to say but let's go now
  • Chor U5: But that still doesn't change the fact you just can't hit me
  • Chor U5: You can't hit me
  • Chor U5: Not even with the Ion Cannon
  • Chor U5: That...will...miss...mee...
  • Chor U5: Go die!
  • Chor U5: Go, Rapid Fire!
  • Chor U5: Go, flee!
  • Chor U5: Even try giving the Raze Soldier - he can't best me
  • Chor U5: Go try!
  • Chor U5: I'm invin...CI-BLE
  • Chor U5: Come on,
  • Chor U5: Stop running away, Rocket Launcher will get ya!
  • Chor U5: Stop there! You will die to - my huge Magnum,
  • Chor U5: Even at medium I'll hit you with the Shotgun
  • Chor U5: Come at me, you arrogant hider!
  • Chor U5: Can't you see me with Holy Grail, you liar!
  • Chor U5: Even Juggernaut can't tell you your location - need rations!
  • Line 09: So don't even try, or maybe you'll die
  • Line 10: Or beat the best or get pwned by the beast!

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  • After finishing this level victorious...

Holy Grail

FaceComAlien Commander
In our first invasion attempt,
we fought an elite group.

| |
Holy Grail
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