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The Zapper is another melee-range weapon and like the shotgun, this device works great in close quarters combat. It basically works similar to the flamethrower in the sense that in order to kill your target, you simply need to keep the device trained on them.




A powerful atom accelerator that zaps it's target, 'microwaving' them from within. The damage done is based on how close the target is. (Up to 2x the damage up close).


Close Range


5% Damage








100 Shots x 3 Clips






A black gun with purple energy highlights. Contained in the Zapper is a powerful atom accelerator that intensifies thousands of atoms and propels them out of the gun in a 'zap' like shot that can be held for a few seconds. These particles will fry the opponent's insides while leaving the outsides relatively untouched. This weapon is best used at close range and when coupled with its unique double damage potency at close range, the Zapper can finish off shielded enemies in 4-8 seconds(2-6 second for unshielded enemies). Because the atoms cannot maintain their power for too long, the Zapper has very little range. Even though the power of each shot is low, it has a lot of ammo and a 'double damage at close range' gimmick that grants it a high DPS. This is good, but the problem with it is that it uses up its clip at a high rate, like the Flame Thrower and the Focus Beam.

The zapper is a constant firing weapon, so of course, it needs the biggest clip available.


The original Zapper of Raze 1 is identical to the new Zapper in everything but range, and targeting. The barrel design is also simpler in Raze 1. The newer Zapper fires farther but hitting someone when they are just within range is still as ineffective, and damages only one enemy at a time, as opposed the the zapper of Raze 1. Thankfully, firing at an opponent standing right next to you will not cause you to hurt yourself and will instead inflict more damage to the enemy, making it more useful in close combat. In the Raze 2 demo, this gun had a green output, which is a bit strange.


  • Cloak
  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal
  • Teleport
  • Medipack


Strange as it may seems, but the producers got this idea from one of our most widely used everyday machines ever built: The microwave. It uses photons at the correct frequency to intensify atoms of the food that it is cooking. It causes the atomic molecules to line up with the microwave beams. Because there's millions of beams travelling in diffferent directions simutaneously, the molecules will all try to line up with the different beams. Imagine rubbing your hands together, It heats up, right? Same with the molecules, they heat up, thus cooking the food. You might think that microwaves can mutate us like how the Raze soldier mutated into a zombie right? No. Tiny holes less than a centimetre can stop microwaves from travelling through, but lets the shorter wavelength visible light through so you can watch it cook.


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